LLC is committed to:

* Providing wheat flour and supplement products in accordance

with Syrian standard.

* Meeting all terms of ISO: 22000:2018 very efficiently and effectively.

* Implementing food safety system and adopting risk-based thinking

* critical control point, and the use of high quality materials.

* Good manufacturing practices at the production site.

* Providing facilities and resources for workers and

* supporting them through training courses to raise their level of knowledge regarding HACCP.

* Continuously reviewing and improving the risk Analysis

and Critical Control Points system, to meet customers and interested parties'

requirements including legislative and legal bodies.



The company's main targets are:

*Customer satisfaction and continuous enhancement. Fulfilling societal mission by providing job opportunities. Building local competencies and skills.

*Environment Protection by adhering to environmental laws and legislation.



JOUD FLOUR MILLS LLC seeks to be a leader company in the field of grain milling and supplement products

JOUD FLOUR MILLS LLC aims to meet the needs of the local market

Producing wheat Flour that conform to Syrian Standard Specification

ISO 22000:2018 by:

-  Investing modern technology of grinding and packaging procedures,

- Taking advantage of the most important international experiences in this field.